EIS Consulting can help you to develop and improve your administrative policies and work practices for work involving biological agents in order to minimize the risk of occupational exposures and ensure full compliance with all applicable biosafety regulations and guidelines.

The following biosafety services are provided to accomplish this goal:

  • Communicate current biosafety regulations and guidelines to research personnel
  • Perform laboratory biosafety inspections to identify deficiencies and make recommendations to improve compliance and safety
  • Perform safety training including general biosafety, bloodborne pathogens and shipping biological materials
  • Provide biosafety technical expertise on topics such as disease transmission, risk assessments, disinfection and sterilization, lab operations, personal protective equipment, and environmental controls
  • Provide guidance on the proper disposal of biohazard waste
  • Provide guidance on the selection, installation, and use of biological safety cabinets and coordinate the annual certification of all biological safety cabinets
  • Provide guidance in the proper shipping of biological materials
  • Provide guidance with proper clean-up of biological spills